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Caramelised onion, pumpkin and goats cheese tart

Caremilised onion, pumpkin and goats cheese tart

This is a yummy tart that is so easy to make! Tastes very gourmet with little effort.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! This recipe serves 6.


1 1/2 sheets puff pastry

120g goats cheese (I used herb and garlic for extra flavour)

2 cups diced roasted pumpkin

2 onions diced and roasted

4 eggs

3 tablespoons sour cream

seasoning to taste



Preheat over to 180 degrees.

1. grease, then line a fluted flan tin with the puff pastry

2. Roast the pumpkin and onion together in a pan with a little olive oil and salt

3.  One roasted, crumble the goats cheese into the roasting pan.  Stir/mash it all together

4. Spread over the base of the flan tin

5. In another bowl, whisk the eggs, sour cream and seasonings.  I just used a little salt and pepper, but you could probably add some herbs if you like.

6.  Place in the oven for 20-30 minutes until set.  Serve at room temperature.


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Jamie Olivers Custard Tarts

I recently made these when friends came over for dinner and yummo – they were delicious! They are easy to make and once I got the hang of it I actually made a second batch.  They did take a little bit of time to make, but only because I was learning how to do them – once you have made them, the process is actually quite easy and shouldn’t take much time at all. The recipe calls for orange and orange rind, but I used lemon instead and it worked a treat. I like them because you can make them beforehand and there is no preparation when your guests arrive.  More time to chat and relax!

Quick Portuguese Custard Tarts – Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals
(makes 6 tarts)
• plain flour, for dusting
• 1 x 375g pack of pre-rolled puff pastry
• ground cinnamon
• 125g crème fraîche
• 1 egg
• 1 teaspoon vanilla paste or vanilla extract
• 5 tablespoons golden caster sugar
• 1 orangePre heat oven to 200C.
Dust a clean surface with flour. Unroll the sheet of pastry, then cut it in half so you end up with two 20 x 20cm squares of pastry (put one in the fridge for another day). Sprinkle over a few good pinches of ground cinnamon, then roll the pastry into a Swiss roll shape and cut into 6 rounds. Put these into 6 of the holes in a muffin tin, and use your thumbs to stretch and mould the pastry into the holes (just like in the picture) so the bottom is flat and the pastry comes up to the top. Put on the top shelf of the oven and cook for around 8 to 10 minutes (set the timer), or until lightly golden.
Spoon the crème fraîche into a small bowl. Add the egg, vanilla paste or extract, 1 tablespoon of golden caster sugar and the zest of 1 orange. Mix well.
Take the muffin tin out of the oven, and use a teaspoon to press the puffed up pastry back to the sides and make room for the filling. Spoon the crème fraîche mixture into the tart cases, and return to the top shelf of the oven. Set the timer for 8 minutes.
Put a small saucepan on a high heat. Squeeze in the juice from the zested orange and add 4 tablespoons of golden caster sugar. Stir and keep a good eye on it, but remember caramel can burn badly so don’t touch or taste.
Pour some caramel over each tart (they’ll still be wobbly, but that’s good). Put aside to set.
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The best version of YOU

At the start of the year is normally the time when many of us re-assess our goals and visions and plan for the rest of the year. I have a love/hate relationship with goal setting: if we plan too much we leave no room for the spontaneous. A lot of AMAZING moments have happened in my life when there was the space for an interruption in my plans. For me, I try to look ahead and plan yet also have a strong understanding that sometimes the interruptions can propel you further into your destiny. If you think about it, a majority of the miracles that Jesus did that are recorded in the Bible were when He was ‘on his way’ to something. If he had the destination in mind, he never would have stopped for the blind man or the centurion’s daughter, for example.

So I try to be visionary, but also relaxed at the same time these days. (which is an interesting tension). I try to think more about how I can be a better person, rather than do ‘better’ or more productive things, if that makes sense.

With that in mind, I was watching one of my favourite science fiction shows (yep, I’m a sci fi junky), where the main characters were, of course, travelling to a parallel universe, bumping into other versions of themselves. The fascination of seeing how one version makes one decision that changes the course of their whole lives was what made both versions the same person, yet vastly different at the same time.

Before you write me off as a nutcase, the whole idea got me thinking – if I met myself in another universe (which I know is not possible – but just go with the idea here) – would it be a better version of me, or a worse version of me? Am I the best version of me that I can be?

Are you being the best ‘you’ you can be? What’s holding you back? How can you reach the true potential of who you are and what you are born for? Often its a small few steps that can create the changes you need.

You don’t need to travel far to be a great version of YOU. 🙂


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