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Numbers, dreams and symbols – is God speaking?

I am really into numbers. I believe when numbers line up, or repeat themselves, it’s God trying to get my attention.

Here is an example. This year – 2011, I am pregnant. It was 7 years ago that I was pregnant with my last child (this is a miracle baby that we are very excited about!). 7 years ago I recorded my last album ‘no ordinary life’, whilst pregnant! (whew). I am recording a new album at the moment = 7 years later.

This is my 20th year in the ministry, it’s also my 20 year wedding anniversary, and 20 years since we joined the church we currently attend. It is also my 40th birthday year. So that’s lots of 7’s and lots of 20’s.

Call me crazy, but I felt God was trying to get my attention – so I looked up the numbers in the Jewish calendar. 7 symbolises completion. I also read that every 7th year is a jubilee year. Hooray for that!A time of celebration after a season of wilderness really resonates with me.

20 can signify a year of expectation. Again, very significant in a season where I am having a baby and recording a new album that I hope will have some influence and bless people.

Has God ever used numbers to speak to you? Or is there something that keeps coming up that is the same? We often think God is not speaking, but if we pay attention to even the smallest things, we will find He is trying to get our attention. For example, my mum had several occasions (more than ten), where she would crack an egg, and a double yokes would come from one egg. Now, if that happened once, you would think nothing of it. But when it began happening all the time, she felt God was trying to talk to her about something. We believe it was about a double blessing coming into her life.

Would love to hear your crazy stories, XX Roma

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